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From the minute I toured my house for the first time, I knew that I would be making many changes to the way it was set up. The fact that the house is on top of a big hill with limitless sunlight gave me the idea to install a solar power system for the entire house. I started digging and researching everything that it would take to go completely solar powered for my home. My blog contains all of the facts and information that I compiled over the year that I took to learn all that I could about utilizing the sun to power my home.


Three Reasons Why Politicians Should Not Ban The Production Of Lead Use And Products

30 March 2016
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Recently, there has been much controversy and advocation for the total ban of lead and lead products in the U.S. Since lead is a known carcinogen and can cause several other health problems in children, this may seem like a good idea on the surface. However, before you put your pen to paper and sign a petition that asks your political representatives to ban lead, you should know more about useful lead products and why politicians should not ban lead entirely. Read More …

Why You Might Want To Go With Plastic When It’s Time To Replace Your Septic Tank

29 March 2016
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If you need to have a new septic tank installed, you may want to consider getting a plastic one. Tanks have traditionally been made of concrete, but plastic is becoming more popular because it offers several advantages over concrete. Here's why a plastic tank may be a good choice. Plastic Is Lightweight Plastic tanks are much easier to work with because they are lighter than those made of concrete. Your tank can be delivered by truck and moved by hand as opposed to a concrete tank that is assembled on the spot or moved from a truck with a hoist or crane. Read More …

Spiders Bugging You? Keep Them Away With These Natural Repellants

28 March 2016
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While some spiders may be completely harmless and can keep other bugs out of the house, like flies, most people don't like them. If you want to keep spiders out of your home, here are a few natural deterrents to consider: Peppermint Oil and Vinegar According to Lifehacker.com, spiders can't stand the smell of vinegar or peppermint oil. So you can create a concoction using both of these and spray around entryways, windowsills and the outside of your home to repel spiders. Read More …

Why And How You Should Keep Crayons Out Of The Trash

24 March 2016
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If you have children you likely want to help keep the world environmentally healthy for them. As a result, you are incredibly careful with your trash and try to recycle as much as possible. However, you may not realize that crayons make up a large part of the waste that ends up in landfills. How can you help keep them out? They Don't Biodegrade While crayons are a useful decoration tool for both children and adults, the truth is that they they don't biodegrade. Read More …

The ABCs Of Planning For Roll Off Dumpster Rental On A Residential Property

4 February 2016
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When you are planning a property cleanup or residential construction project, trash and debris will always go with the territory. You could spend a lot of time hauling loads of trash to the local waste center, but renting a dumpster is a much more logical and cost-effective solution. While renting a roll off dumpster may be a necessity, it is always best if you plan appropriately for this rental service and regulations that can come about. Read More …