Safety Steps To Take Around Your Power Lines

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Safety Steps To Take Around Your Power Lines

7 April 2016
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If you have power lines connecting an electrical pole to your home, there are some precautionary steps you can take to ensure those on your property are kept safe when near these live wires. Here are some maintenance and safety steps to keep in mind when engaging in activities around these power lines in an attempt to thwart injury and damage to your home.

Trim Back Overhanging Tree Branches

Make it a priority to do an evaluation of the trees in the vicinity of the path of the power lines. If there are any branches hanging over the lines, they will need to be tended to promptly to ensure they do not fall on the lines, possibly downing them as a result.

In most cases the electrical company will handle the trimming of trees along main thoroughfares, but it will be up to individual homeowners to handle the condition of trees on their own property. If you are not comfortable climbing a ladder to handle this job on your own, call a tree trimming service like J&T Tree Co. in your area. 

Watch Where You Have Your Fun

When placing a kids' swimming pool, sprinkler, fish pond, or fountain on your property, select a location away from the path of the lines above. If a line happened to go down when someone was using water below, they would be at risk of electrocution.

Another risk is the use of kites, fishing line, or balloons.The string on these items could create a pathway to the ground, increasing the risk of fire damage to your yard or home as a result. Making sure these items are well out of the way of the power line will take away this scenario in its entirety.

Create A Defensible Space Around Your Home

If power lines fall and cause a fire, your home would be less at risk if you create a defensible space around it. Making sure there are no items on the ground or touching your home for several feet extending from the home's perimeter can greatly reduce the chance of your home catching on fire should live wires fall to the ground. Having sidewalks around the home can also be beneficial as they could stop a property fire from spreading closer toward your home.

Do Landscaping Projects Appropriately

When planting new trees or shrubs, make sure to keep them out of the pathway of the power lines so you will not be dealing with needing to move them or trim them in the future. If you do gardening, make sure to place ample space in the form of rows between your growing plants. This will eliminate a continuous path of vegetation that could easily spread along your property. Make sure to clean up yard debris regularly as this could also pose as a fire hazard.