Three Tips For Going Paperless In Your Personal Life

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Three Tips For Going Paperless In Your Personal Life

5 April 2016
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In this digital age of email, smartphones, many Americans are already well on the way to transitioning their personal lives to paperless ones. But if you'd like to speed the process along, here are three options to help you get closer to 100% paper-free.

1. E-cards

Instead of sending a paper card for your nephew's birthday when you know he's going to totally overlook it and instead focus on the check inside, why not send an e-card that won't end up in a landfill? This strategy can also work for Christmas cards and end-of-year family newsletters to let relatives know you're still alive. If your mom wants a paper copy, you can print one out for her, but you'll still be saving substantially on paper usage.

2. Libraries

Instead of shelling out for a magazine subscription, try checking out your favorite magazines from the library. Return them when you're done for the next person to use, enabling multiple people to go subscription-free and save trees. As a bonus, this not only saves on natural resources, it can also save a chunk of your budget (as long as you return everything on time!). The same goes for new books from your favorite authors. Instead of buying them and throwing them out or even donating them when you're done, just borrow previously used copies from the library. Many libraries also offer extensive e-book collections now too, so you may be able to read your favorite books on your phone or e-reader (or even a desktop app) without ever handling a paper copy.

3. Digital and re-usable organization

Smartphone planner apps and digital sticky notes on your desktop can help you keep track of your schedule and personal life without ever using a bulky paper planner. But you don't necessarily have to go digital to go paperless, at least not with your to-do lists. You can create re-usable to-do lists at home and at work using a variety of options from plain to shabby chic. The simplest option is using a laminated sheet of paper (or a page protecter) and a dry-erase marker. For a more businesslike look, opt for a whiteboard with a variety of colors of markers. At home, you can make an adorable craft project out of chalkboard, slate, or whiteboard and write lists on a daily basis without the need to destroy any trees.

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