Tips For Choosing A Chemical Storage Cabinet

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Tips For Choosing A Chemical Storage Cabinet

4 April 2016
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As a business owner, you should understand the importance of proper storage for the chemicals that your company relies on. While many hazardous chemicals have their place in manufacturing and similar work areas, improper storage can put everyone's safety at risk. One of the best ways to protect your chemicals and your staff is by investing in chemical storage cabinets. Here's a look at some of the things you should consider as you shop.

Understand The Proper Storage Techniques For Each Chemical

Every chemical is unique in its composition and storage requirements. Before you can buy a storage cabinet, you need to familiarize yourself with the types of chemicals that you have and the way that they should be stored. For example, chemicals that are corrosive need to be stored in corrosion-resistant cabinets. Some chemicals need to be stored at room temperature, while others should be kept colder.

Plan Multiple Cabinets for Segregation

You shouldn't store acids and bases in the same cabinet, nor should you store an oxidizer with any organic material. To avoid the risk of any unintentional and potentially dangerous reactions, plan to invest in enough cabinets so you can segregate your chemicals by type so that they are protected from dangerous interactions.

Choose The Right Cabinets

When you're choosing chemical storage cabinets, it's not a one-size-fits-all application. Choose each cabinet specifically for what's going to go in it. For example, corrosive chemicals shouldn't be stored in a cabinet that's made from metal. That means keeping things like sulfuric acid, ammonium hydroxide and similar materials out of metal cabinets. Instead, choose an epoxy-coated cabinet to protect against the corrosive properties of the chemicals.

If you have flammable chemicals, store those in a metal cabinet. In fact, there are chemical storage cabinets made specifically for flammable materials that have fire-safe linings inside. This is a great investment if your company has a lot of experience with flammable products.

Keep Everything Labeled

Never store any chemicals without proper labeling. Opt for cabinets that have a built-in labeling system for the shelving so that you know exactly what is in each container. Also, label each of the chemical containers with not only the name of the chemical, but also the cabinet that it belongs in. That way, you don't risk a confused employee putting something into the wrong cabinet and causing a safety hazard.

Understanding the best practices for storing hazardous chemicals can make a big difference in the safety of your company's operation. With tips like these, you can invest in storage cabinets that will help you keep things organized. Contact a hazardous waste management company for more information.